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How to prepare the job site ?


All sub-floors must be inspected prior to installation to check the level conforms to the Australian standard for undulation i.e. 3mm over a 3m2 radius.

All sub-floors not conforming to this standard require rectification to make the sub-floor suitable for bamboo or timber flooring.

The flooring planks must be inspected for any visual defects, do not install defective boards

• In new construction, pre-finished bamboo or timber flooring should be the last item installed. All work involving water or moisture (plumbing, drywall etc) should be completed prior to the flooring being installed.

• Flooring should not be delivered until the building has been closed in and cement work, plastering, painting and other materials are completely dry.

• If there are skirting boards we recommend your or the builder remove and replace after the flooring is installed. If the skirting boards are not removed Scotia edge finishing trims can be installed.

• All trades should be off-site and all building works completed prior to installation. A clear and open space is essential to a professional installation.

• The sub-floor surface must be clean, dry, smooth and free of cleaning agents, dirt, wax, oil, paint concrete sealer, curing agents and other contaminates that could interfere with an adhesive bonding. Contaminates added to concrete slabs to speed the drying process will interfere with moisture barrier membranes. Please ensure the slab has not had a curing/setting agent added.

• Wood sub-floor joints must be sanded level prior to new installation. Concrete subfloors must be level and have all crack and holes filled with a concrete patching material if the installation method is by ‘direct stick’.

• Floor leveling is not included in the installation, it is the responsibility of the installers to advise of any charges for materials and labour prior to rectification works.

• In existing applications the floor area must be clear of furniture to allow the installation to proceed.

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