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How Do We Maintain Our Floors?

Proper cleaning and maintenance will add years to your floor. From simple tips to smart cleaning solutions, this maintenance guide will teach you the basics for your new floor.

Your floor will give you much satisfaction in the years to come, but only if you keep it in great shape. Here are several tips to ensure a positive relationship with your new floor:

Keep Doormats at Every Door – Using doormats outside each entrance to your home will prevent dirt, sand, grit and other unwanted substances from being tracked onto your floor. 

Take Precautions When Moving Heavy Objects – Take due care when moving heavy appliances or furniture. Ensure the floor is adequately protected before attempting to slide or move the object.

Prevent Scratches from furniture – Place felt pads on bases of manoeuvrable objects and fittings including tables and chairs. This ensures they do not scratch the surface of the floor.

Sunlight and Heat – Extreme heat and/or sunlight causes most solid surfaces to fade or discolour. Sheltering from direct sunlight using blinds or curtains will protect your floor.

Support Furniture with Floor Protectors – For increased crush and dent resistance, support furniture leg bases or rollers with a protector. Protectors should be at least one inch in diameter and made of a non-pigmented, hard plastic and rest flat on the floor.

Maintaining a Clean Floor – Routine care and maintenance is essential to maximise the beauty and life of your new floorboards. Over time, foot traffic and soiling will cause changes in the floor’s appearance. Regular vacuuming, mopping or sweeping of the floor will minimise abrasive dirt and grit, elongating the life of your floor.

Clean Spills Immediately – A fast response is the best cure for a spill. Wipe up the mess immediately, begin at the other edge and work towards the centre to prevent the spill from spreading further. Rainwater is also a common cause of floor expansion; ensure all windows are closed during severe rain.

Footwear – Your footwear may unintentionally scratch or damage your floorboards, especially steel high heels or boots. Choosing the correct floor for your room may also improve the lifespan and durability of the floor.

Pets – The claws of cats and dogs may potentially scratch the surface of your floor, urination may be an issue which may need to be considered.

These tips will help your new floor retain their original beauty years beyond their normal lifespan. This is by no means a complete maintenance guide to caring for your new floors and due care should be taken at all times.

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